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particular jewellery


bespoke design + wedding rings


I work in high karat gold: yellow, rose and white; platinum and sterling silver.

My pieces are solid, substantial, wearer friendly and made for life. Quality 

Canadian diamonds are available to meet individual design requirements. If you 

would like to commission

a custom made piece 

please contact me to book a virtual or studio consultation.

my inspiration

Jewellery for me is about

more than adornment. It’s steeped in history, sentiment, and nostalgia. Emotionally evocative it can act as a diary, a mark of time, or it can be an intimate form of self expression. It holds personal significance and becomes a part of someone’s life: 

becomes a part of their identity.

Inspiration for my work is imbued with reverence for nature. Aesthetics become 

synonymous with function as

I search for a comfortable sculptural form to enhance the wearer. I care and make attempts to preserve the integrity of the planet and rights of its inhabitants.


I show at the Granville Island Public Market. I also do occasional shows. Dates will be posted below and on Instagram.


Granville Island Public Market, Vancouver

10am - 6pm


Fri 2nd - Sun 4th 


bespoke pieces

Virtual and studio consultation by appointment.




Designed and handmade in Vancouver, BC Canada.

t. 1. 778. 895. 9572

e. info@emmabracefield.com

ig. @emmabracefieldjewellery